Rich Martin Wins Gold Arrow for Great British Bake Off Re-record

Our very own Rich Martin received gold at the British Arrows last night! The award celebrates Rich’s incredible re-record of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful – created for the 2018 ‘Great British Bake Off’ trailer.

Rich Martin – On receiving gold at The British Arrow Awards 2019:

“I had the pleasure to work with so many talented people and musicians when re-creating beautiful. It’s great to see that all the skill & effort poured in to the project has been recognised by the Arrows.”

Rich Martin on his re-record of Beautiful – (Christina Aguilera)

“‘Beautiful is a song which goes on a journey from fragility and introspection through to jubilant, self-assured, resolve. The Director, Alex Boutell wanted to take this emotional journey, and apply it to the (until now) unsung heroes of Bake Off; The Cakes.

The idea is to make a virtue of the natural flaws in the character’s vocal performances, so we needed a flawless musical bed with which to juxtapose them.

The music itself had to have high production values; because the visual elements of the film were artificial, we wanted to use real musicians to lend the whole film some humanity. With this in mind we booked RAK studios to record live piano, drums, bass, string quartet, and gospel choir.

For the vocal performances we auditioned around 70 singers of varying ability in a casting call, before settling on the final cast of 15 (plus cupcakes).

Behind the scenes action from the studio


And finally…. what would would this article be without showing the award winning ad itself! Listen to Rich’s sonic masterpiece in the clip below.

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