All Female Crew and Cast Create Lifetime Christmas Campaign for A+E Networks

Lifetime has pulled together a powerful and talented all-female cast and crew for their on-air Christmas campaign for A+E Networks.

Koulla Anastasi, Director for Lifetime and Crime + Investigation at A+E Networks UK said: ‘’We really wanted to capture the excitement that real women experience ahead of a Christmas gathering; and were delighted to employ an all-female production crew, something very rare in British television, even today – showing our commitment to empowering women in television.’’

The team included ENVY’s Head of Grading, Vicki Matich, who said “The brief was to keep the location (retro hair salon, Rockalily Cuts in Hoxton) and cast fairly ordinary looking, so the Christmas-inspired hairdo on our heroine could really stand out and make an impact. To achieve this I built up layers of glow, blurring and gold halo effects on the beauty work and tracked it to the movement to keep it contained.”

She added: “it was an absolute pleasure to work with such talented women.”

The team also included A+E Director Rose James, Cinematographer Nicola Daley and in-house Creative Cristina Patino-Sheen.

See the final ident here.