ENVY’s Arge Wins Music and Sound Award

The Music+Sound Awards are the only Awards to recognise and celebrate the indispensible role that music and sound design play in the world of visual Media.  The Ceremony was held on the 27th February 2014 at Troxy, London and our very own Arge walked away with the much coveted winning award for ‘Time Changes Everyone’ in the Trailers and Promos category.

Arge said: ‘Any promo for E4’s Skins is always going to be a project to get your teeth stuck into.  Previous skins campaigns have set very high standards for both sound and vision.

Rob Blishen’s 2013 promo for the return of the Skins cast didn’t disappoint visually and therefore required some equally impressive sound design to match.

The brief was that the sound should mirror the fluid sweeping movements of the camera.

Therefore there was a heavy use of reverbs, pre-verbs, echo and Dopplers added to sounds that wouldn’t ordinarily have had these effects. Not to mention the smooth and constant ramping up and down of the speed. All giving a kind of sweeping, swaying movement to the sound bed which makes the viewer feel they are moving with the camera.

To enhance this even further beyond just the sound effects the same principle was applied by isolating key parts of Rachel Zeffira’s music track. The music track then almost became one with the sound design to further bring to life the directors vision.

To win the Music and Sound award was a great honour considering the high standard of entries.  It’s a piece I am particularly proud of so I’m glad it has also been appreciated by my peers’.