ENVY Spends £450,000 on Expanding The Grading and 3D Departments and Martin Allan Joins

ENVY is extending their Grading Department with a 3rd Baselight to compliment our very busy shortform department. We have also invested in a Baselight Assist to help with the preparation for various projects and we are also doubling the size of our Data Lab. This week Martin Allan joins us from Prime Focus to be our Head of 3D/Animation. ‘We are very excited about Martin joining us and with his experience we want to grow our 3D/Animation department. ‘We are extending our current department and want to be in a position where there are at least 15 seats extra to look after our current workflow’ says Dave Cadle.

Our ENVY Academy is going from strength to strength and we are very fortunate that we have a big team of talented youngsters who are eager to learn and will be the next big Post Production stars. In the last 3 months alone we have been able to promote 15 runners to various new positions within the company. ‘As statistics go, half of our company at present are all ‘home grown’ which works for us and is good news all around’ says Natascha Cadle.

As per ENVY tradition, having created a new building almost every year since we opened, we are hoping to find some more space to keep up with current demand.