ENVY No.1 in Televisual’s Facilities Top 50 Producer Poll 2013 4th Year in a Row

ENVY is proud to have been voted No 1 in the Producer Poll in Televisual’s Facilities 50. Every year the producer poll is collated from three separate Televisual surveys of the production market, in which hundreds of producers name the 3 post houses they use the most and the 3 they rate the highest.

Televisual’s write up about ENVY:

Once again, ENVY takes the top spot in the producer poll. The post house has a broad range of fans, and has a very strong following with TV Producers in particular, who rate ENVY’s service, buildings, flexibility and pricing.
“They are flexible and helpful as well as being very high quality” says one documentary indie. Another describes ENVY as “top rate and very talented”. Several indies pick out ENVY’s “great client management”. Indeed, there are lots of good words about ENVY’s Producers, with indies describing them variously as “solid”, “brilliant” and “client focused”.
Clearly producers enjoy visiting ENVY too, with many noting their “comfortable”, “high-end” and “excellent” buildings. “They have a great bar!” says one. And then there is the small matter of price. Despite high-end facilities that make it seem like ENVY would charge a fortune, ENVY is rated for its relative affordability by indies who cite its “good pricing” and “cost efficiencies”

Top Producer Favourites
2 The Mill
4 The Farm
5 Evolutions
5 Framestore
7 Prime Focus
8 Halo
9 Clear Cut
10 Molinare

ENVY is rated 5th in the Top 50 with The Mill taking the No1 slot followed by MPC, Framestore and The Farm Group.