ENVY Expands VFX Department

Envy has opened a new VFX Support department with 8 workstations setup for 2D and 3D work at Rathbone Place. The area is designed to enable a collaborative workflow with their VFX suites specialising in branding, idents, promos, commercials and titles. ENVY has spent £200.000 in total, upgrading their smokes to the latest hardware and building the new VFX support department.

New Head of VFX, Marcus Dryden comments “Integral to the VFX department is the VFX Support team, who help our clients achieve their creative vision with the best tools suited to accomplish this, and add an extra creative dimension”.

The department has already completed:

Film4 “Sci-fi Season”, Virgin Media’s “Britain’s Next Top Model”, Via Sats “Champions League”, Red Bee “Radio 1 2001” Cinema ad, and Front Rooms “Mad World” for sega”

The Mac and PC based workstations are setup with After Effects, Mocha, Syntheyes, Shake, Fusion, Cinema 4D, FCP & XSI. We also have remote stations for working with clients in suites and/or on location providing a total VFX experience.