ENVY Advertising’s Very Own Head of Design – Matt Lawrence Has Been Featured in the ‘Cannes Special’ SHOTS Magazine

Inspired by paranormal crop circles (of Doug Bower and Dave Chorley) Matt Lawrence and Martin McKinney formed land art group, b1ackprojects. Alien to some, this art form is not too dissimilar from an architectural project: planning out measurements on a software (such as Illustrator), taking the dimensions and scaling up exponentially, then heading out to craft the image into the sand, where the work is then monitored using drones – an idea pioneered by b1ackprojects.

The air of mystery behind the art work has led to collaborations with ‘The Circlemakers’ on commercial projects such as UKTV Gold’s sand portraits of comedy legends. Lawrence and McKinney are currently developing their methods of creating land art to have more of a shaded look.

In amongst the breathtaking pieces is the ENVY logo, on a beautiful sandy beach – talk about bringing your work home!