ENVY Academy’s Celebrates First Birthday

The ENVY Academy is celebrating its first birthday as it launches into its 2nd year of touring now that the new university term is underway.

Mat Appleton will be taking to the roads once again to meet a new batch of ‘media’ students. Universities scheduled for a visit from ENVY in the coming weeks include Leeds, Hastings and Chichester.

In the past year the Academy has gained a following of hundreds of young people via it’s Facebook site, and has formed partnerships with companies including the BBC, CTBF, and AVID, keen to communicate with young talent.

The Academy has welcomed around 100 of its followers from across the world for placements, and held 6 master class sessions at its Rathbone HQ. “I’m really pleased with the way the first year has gone. Apart from the obvious benefits to the company and students – I’ve personally learnt a great deal about the way young people are prepared for the industry.” says Mat Appleton, creator of the Academy “I’m really keen to push the Academy to as large as audience as possible this year. I’m booked all over the place in the next few weeks and I’m talking to a college in New York about a 2 day workshop”