Arge Wins Bronze At Kinsale Shark Awards – “You Can’t Just Slap A V10 Sound On A V8 Engine”

Our very own sound designer Arge received bronze at the Kinsale Shark Awards in the Music & Sound Craft category for his amazing work on the Sky Q F1 UHD spot.




Arge on his mix for Sky Q:

“The absolute focus was the authenticity of sound from the cars themselves, that they should embody and feel very much of the era they are representing. You should almost know which period of time you are in time just from listening to the engines. This was quite a challenge as there are plenty of die-hard F1 fans who would rightly call us out if the sounds weren’t authentic. You can’t just slap a V10 sound on a V8 engine… It’s not the done thing! We spent a lot of time on YouTube listening to how engines sounded and how they differ from decade to decade. Films like Rush and Senna also proved to be useful research tools. While sourcing these elements proved a challenge, F1 aficionados at Sky were very helpful with archive material, combined with a great library of F1 sounds we have now gathered at ENVY, plus a lot of magic applied to a few YouTube clips!

Background sounds such as the mechanics in the pit lane, the people, and the camera shutters were also important to get right. Particular attention was paid to the commentators. The talented voice actor Lewis Macleod, helped us create different voices of the commentators for each era, and even some of the characters. For real authenticity, we actually got Lewis to use a selection of specific microphones from the era being represented. This effect of the mics is particularly apparent in the radio version of this campaign we worked on.

After trying many different tracks, it was clear that everyone loved the idea of using Fleetwood Mac’s iconic tune, ‘The Chain’. However, we wanted to do something different, so the creatives, Simon and Nicole, had the idea of creating a more atmospheric piano and string-based version of the song. We then took that and seamlessly worked it into the original Fleetwood Mac version. The result was an extremely cinematic opening which then builds into the classic recognisable theme with a great crescendo for the final reveal.”



Production Company:
Sky Creative

Justin Bates

Sophie Brooks

Envy Advertising Team:
Sound Designer:

Post Producer:
Pete Burch